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Sometimes wealth management seems confusing. There are a number of ways we can help. Here are just a few examples:

When to Retire?

Amir and Jen were living a comfortable lifestyle. They felt they were doing a lot of things to prepare for retirement, but just couldn’t be sure when they could retire with confidence.

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The Case of the Over-Taxed Business Owner

It was mid-December 2010. A business owner’s CPA gave him the bad news: federal, state and self-employment taxes would reduce his and his business partner/wife’s seven figure income by half.

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A Smart Way to 401K

Everything looked okay in the company 401k…employees weren’t complaining…but the executives couldn’t contribute enough to the plan, and the owner wasn’t sure how to assess the plan that they were annually contributing well over six figures into. His adviser was always up for lunch, and while he couldn’t put his finger on it, their annual reviews seemed lacking.

The Gift That Saved $133,000 in Taxes

Gertie was 92 and in failing health. Way back in the 1960s her husband Edward did some estate planning seeking to provide financial confidence for Gertie and the kids, and to minimize estate taxes.

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How Smart Money Gives

With their retirement plan secure, Amir and Jen wanted to turn their attention to giving to one of their favorite charities. They owned some highly appreciated stock that wanted to sell so they could donate the cash.

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