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Using our Bright Path method, we oversee and coordinate the financial affairs of affluent individuals, families and business owners. Whether it’s planning for college, retirement, charitable giving and/or creating a lasting legacy, our objective is to assist you in building a path that will help you accomplish everything you want with your wealth.


First, we sit down with you and help you define everything you are trying to accomplish with your wealth.


Then we gather all the information relating to your finances and map that out to your objectives. This includes your investments, insurance, legal documents, etc.


Next, we identify opportunities to optimize your future, as well as uncover blind spots that could thwart your plans.


Together we prioritize the next steps needed to achieve your goals, and then we begin implementing your action plan.


Life and its conditions are dynamic, so we meet, at least annually, to monitor your investments and financial plan, adapting it as life happens.

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